Word Revival Outreach Mission (THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER) is a non – denominational, multicultural church fully committed to empowering lives for destiny fulfillment. The ministry which started as a bible study based outreach ministry became a full -fledged Church with the first Sunday Service held on Sunday April 7th 2013.

We are a church with great passion for the word of God, to connect with and collect from as God’s provision for our total well being.

We are fully committed to loving, walking in love, living in love, expressing love and sharing love with others.

We are a church with great delight for revelational and life transforming prayers that generates undeniable testimonies.

The Empowerment Center is the Headquarter of Word Revival Outreach Mission, based in Arlington Texas USA,  with a ministerial branch in Lagos Nigeria;  it is  a commission in pursuit of the assignment of raising and nurturing revived souls through the WORD empowered to revive the dying WORLD with the LIVING WORD.


“To raise, nurture and empower lives for destiny fulfillment through the WORD.”


Expression of Genuine Love and Affection as a necessity for Kingdom living. Romans 12:9-10

Moving in the direction of God’s instruction as a requirement for divine establishment. Job 36:11

Prayer as a channel of communicating with God with signs and wonders following. Jeremiah 33:

Oneness of mind as a promoter of unity and love. Ephesians 4:2-3

Worship in Spirit & truth as God’s desire and as a channel for connecting with the awesomeness of God. John 4:24

Excellence in pursuit & delivery of our Kingdom commitments as a distinctive force in life. Daniel 6:3

Revelation of God’s word as an essential force that imparts faith & releases divine manifestation. Romans 10:17